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*Custom Long-Arm Machine Quilting

*We carry a large selection of quilting fabrics, wide backing fabrics, and battings.

Machine Quilt Pricing
An all-over quilting design costs between $1.50 (simple meander) to $2.50 per square foot.  Extensive custom design work will be $.02 to $.04 per square inch.  

Calculate the Cost of Quilting
Calculate the number of square feet in your quilt:  Multiply length in inches by width.  Divide by 144 to get the number of square feet in the quilt.  Multiply that number by $1.50 or more depending on your desired quilt design.

We have a minimum charge of $15.00 to $20.00 for wall hangings and small quilts, and a $40.00 minimum for lap quilts.

Variegated thread: $2.00 - $8.00 depending on size 

Additional Services Offered
Machine Binding
To sew on bindings by machine, the cost is $0.10 per inch.
To calculate the cost, add the length of the four sides of your quilt and multiply by .10.
An additional cost will be added for the shop to piece your bindings.
The price for scalloped edges/double wedding ring quilts will vary.

Piece Backing:    
   $5.00 (2 fabric strips)   
   $7.50 (3 fabric strips)

Quilt Repair:      Hourly Rate

Prepare Your Quilt for Quilting
*Cut long threads on back of quilt.
*Batting and backing should be at least  6” larger than quilt top.
*Press entire quilt top and backing.